A number of people have signed up recently, which is kind of you. I don't post on Substack any more though. I do post on a Wordpress blog from time to time (infrequently now). You can find me on Telegram. There is a podcast. If you're only interested in this platform, here are a…
I’m well aware that few people will have any interest in coming over to Wordpress so I’m putting this here too. It’s important. "I just don't think that…
Oh, and the world is running out of everything
How can I retire when they publish things like this? Stefan Lanka and his anonymous mathematician friend have published a paper outlining methods to…
I know, I know, I know…I said I wouldn’t post any more. But I’m interested in watching this punch-up play out and what we might be able to learn about…
Book is available in English
"Virology is bullshit" - Stefano Scoglio
Comic strip by Robert Crumb, published 1970
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Final hour