Irregular roundup 28/09

Things that interested me that might interest you.

  1. Substack bits and bobs:

    Winston Smith in Australia writes Escaping Mass Psychosis.

    Savage Minds is also interesting. Glenn Greenwald has his own little censorship story to deal with. I do want to grab these people by the lapels, though, and scream “Why don’t you see all of it?” at them.

    Tessa Lena highlights a video on how nurses in the Third Reich were swayed into committing atrocities.

    IPAK’s James Lyons-Weiler has his Substack thing up and running. Well worth a look.

  2. German and other labs have revealed new examinations under the microscope of what’s in the injections. Some of the material is clearly not organic and they say these results are freely replicable. Watch the videos of the press conference, voice over in English, here:

  3. The Lancet has pissed its reputation away in 18 ill-judged months. Now the origins investigation team has been binned (because Daszak is clearly up to his neck in corruption; anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention was aware of this before the jolly to China happened).

    Berenson pointed this out:

    In addition, Linehan published a little item on The Lancet here.

    “Most female mammals are ‘bodies with vaginas’. This phrase could refer to dogs or giraffes. The irony is breath-taking. In one sentence The Lancet is dehumanising and erasing the very class of people which it acknowledges has been ignored and neglected by the medical profession for centuries.

    You will notice that in a Lancet article about prostate cancer published just last week, men still get to be described as men.”

    On the upside, I do think this problem - postmodern activism or whatever you want to call it - is going into decline.

  4. Docs and scientists meet at the Global C*v*d Summit: Their declaration:

    (Get your white-coated friends involved)

  5. CHD put out a little piece on crappy CRISPR:

    “The fact that the damage occurs “on-target” — at the intended edit site — means that any attempts to target the CRISPR gene editing more precisely will not solve this problem.” [my emphasis]

    Oh dear.

    (On GE, see also the book review mentioned here.)

  6. Actually, GM Watch first published the preceding article and they also have this on the lab-grown meat being a non-starter:

    “And it’s a fractal no,” he said. “You see the big no, but every big no is made up of a hundred little nos.”

    Nicely put, sir.

  7. Bill Gates’ status as a saint has been revoked (again). How long I have waited! Satisfying.

  8. What’s happening in Australia is lunacy, even by current standards. Heartbreaking for people who have to put up with these authoritarian, murderous buffoons and their swarm of enforcers.

    An Australian commentator writes: “As an Australian I'm bewildered by American condemnation of Australians. Saying things like "Well they just gave up their arms so what do you expect?" (as if coming out with a gun is going to stop our massive militarized police force). Or, as you say, the majority agree with the tyranny. Yes there are a certain number who are caught in the mass psychosis but like any rising totalitarianism (at least in the early stages) there is typically 30% totally and visibly against, 40% sitting quietly and invisibly on the fence frightened out of their wits, and 30% who are all for the tyranny. I'd say this is probably right given my experience with people here in Australia.

    Yes we could have made smarter choices voting for leadership (just like the USA) but this is a global phenomenon, there's players pulling strings that go way beyond Australian politics. If this can happen in a country like Australia, watch out world!”

    The commentator, Winston Smith, has a Substack, as also noted above. Follow and support.